Lucasfilm has actually filed a trademark dispute with a small brewery in Syracuse, New York.

Empire Brewing Co., named after New York s Empire State Building, just recently made an application for a trademark for its trademark lager, Strikes Bock, according to The Star Wars producer contends Empire s beer infringes on Lucasfilm hallmarks and might be utilized to deceive consumers or trigger brand name confusion. You can search best intellectual property attorney here.


The important things are the beer is called Strikes Bock, not Empire Strikes Bock, Empire Brewing Co. owner David Katleski stated. It’s Strikes Bock, by Empire.

Lucasfilm disagrees mentioning the following in its legal filing:

m7Applicant s EMPIRE STRIKES BOCK mark is practically similar in sound, look, and connotation to Lucasfilm’s THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK mark, varying by just one letter in the particular last words BOCK and BACK, and the preliminary word THE.
The brewery has been making the beer for about 7 years. It never ever filed a hallmark on the beer previously because it was just served on tap. Katleski looked for the trademark with the intent of bottling and selling the beer in shops.

Katleski has kept a legal representative to eliminate back but he acknowledges the brewery does not have the funds to fight Lucasfilm long-lasting.

It stays to be seen how long Empire Brewing Co. will be enabled to call its lager Strikes Bock as Lucasfilm will likely push for a name change.

Acclaimed Attorney Murray Fogler Opens New Lawsuits Shop in Houston

High-stakes commercial litigation attorney Murray Fogler of Houston is announcing the formation of the intricate commercial law office Fogler, Brar, Ford, O’Neil & Gray LLP.


Mr. Fogler established the firm with fellow litigators Jas Brar, Robert Ford, Robin O’Neil and Michelle Gray. All previously practiced with Houston’s Beck Redden LLP. Fogler Brar will manage a vast range of commercial work, consisting of contingency operate in plaintiffs’ commercial litigation.

” I’ve wished to start up my own firm again, and this is the maximum time. My brand-new partners are outstanding lawyers who impressed me as we interacted on some complex and difficult cases,” says Mr. Fogler, a Chambers USA-ranked lawyer who was named the 2014 Lawyer of the Year in Bet-the-Company Litigation by The Best Lawyers in America. He represents clients in energy, legal malpractice, antitrust, breach of agreement, building, probate and insurance coverage disagreements.

Mr. Fogler has actually been trying cases since beginning his profession with Fulbright & Jaworksi in 1978. He later formed McDade Fogler LLP with kept in mind Houston lawyer Tom McDade and practiced there for 15 years prior to joining Beck Redden in 2007.

” It was terrific working with Murray these last years. I definitely understand wishing to start and mold your own firm,” states David Beck, a founding partner at Beck Redden. “I hope we get to collaborate again on some interesting case in the near future.”

Mr. Brar’s courtroom performance history consists of positive outcomes for customers in the oil and gas, legal, innovation and financial industries, among others. His experience as lead trial counsel consists of a breach of contract win for a car franchise and a take-nothing summary judgment for an airline in a different breach of agreement claim.

Mr. Ford supplies extensive litigation experience in a range of cases, consisting of legal malpractice, finance and securities scams claims. He served as lead counsel in a wrongful-foreclosure suit against a huge U.S. banks, in addition to winning injunctive relief to safeguard a company’s possessions in another case.

A former federal law clerk, Ms. O’Neil represents customers in such diverse locations as commercial agreement law and legal malpractice defense. A previous federal clerk, Ms. Gray has actually served as lead rundown attorney in a range of cases involving international Ponzi schemes; employment disagreements; trademark, trade trick and copyright infringement; and other complicated commercial matters.

UK disputes hallmark of ‘Kentucky’ on Kentucky moonshine distillery’s Tees

Kentucky Mist Moonshine, a small distillery in Whitesburg, says it’s been called out by the University of Kentucky for incorrect use of among UK’s hallmarks … the word “Kentucky.”.


As initially reported by the Mountain Eagle paper in Whitesburg, Kentucky Mist co-owner Colin Fultz said he got a letter from among UK’s contract lawyers, Michael Hargis of King & Schickli, shortly after the company aimed to hallmark its clothing line. The letter said UK has actually trademarked “Kentucky” since 1997.

” It is our present position that Kentucky Mist Moonshine Inc.’s use of the mark KENTUCKY MIST MOONSHINE to determine short articles of clothing is likely to cause deception, confusion and mistake regarding Kentucky Mist Moonshine Inc.’s affiliation, connection or association with the university,” the letter stated.

If Fultz does not agree, UK will “think about more action as it considers needed.”.

The Kentucky Mist Moonshine logo design is swirling cursive with nothing that resembles any of UK’s logo designs.

” What they’re stating is insane; all I’m utilizing is the name Kentucky,” Fultz stated Wednesday in a phone interview. “The only thing that we hallmark was Kentucky Mist Moonshine … we just wanted to sell our own t-shirts.”.

Jason Schlafer, UK’s director of hallmark licensing, stated the problem is that Kentucky Mist Moonshine is trying to sign up with the Federal Trademark Registry in the very same classification, Class 25, where UK is signed up. This category consists of t-shirts and sweatshirts.

” It’s the registration in Class 25 that we object to,” Schlafer stated. “It is the responsibility of a trademark owner to keep track of the pc registry and make sure that marks that could weaken your registered mark do not sign up.”.

magnifying glass with trademark icon and licensing word on digital background

magnifying glass with trademark icon and licensing word on digital background


Recently UK likewise sent out a caution letter to a male in Ohio who wished to sign up T-shirts that stated “Kentucky Against the World.”.

The letter likewise asks the company to continue its current behavior in not making anyone think its items are produced by or part of UK. Schlafer stated UK does not object to the word “Kentucky” in the company’s name, just its effort to hallmark its T-shirts.



” They’ve done nothing making anyone feel that we’re associated, and we ask them to continue to act that way,” Schlafer said. “It’s not that we wish to control how people act … we can certainly coexist; we’re not asking them to stop doing anything besides register a possibly confusing mark in the very same classification that we have actually a trademark signed up in.”.

Fultz stated he needs to talk with his attorney, “however I will not let UK choose how I register; it won’t have anything to do with what UK states.”.

Kentucky Mist Distillery is in a renovated warehouse in downtown Whitesburg, presently using about 5 people. The company makes moonshine in mason containers, infused with real fruit. The blackberry taste, Fultz said, came from blackberries selected in Letcher County.